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The Birth of a New Kannada Church  1996 – 2006

The first Kannada service of the Victory International AG Worship Centre, Bangalore (formerly Bethel AG Kannada service) was conducted on a Sunday morning, July 14th, 1996 under the direction of Pastor Ravi Mani. Twenty people were in attendance.

The Lord moved the hearts of Ravi Mani & Susan Ravi to open up their home as a meeting place for the weekday care-cells and Bible Study for this new body of assembled believers. Pastor Ravi was preaching the Word of God straight and true and as a result, many were getting saved and Christians were growing; during the first year, the church grew to more than 80 members.


For three more years, by the wonderful years of blessing and grace from the Almighty God, the growth was 500 people in attendance every Sunday, in two different services at the Basement Hall of the Ganganagar, Bangalore North facility. 


The church continued to experience God’s presence and enjoy His presence, with an increasing need for space and amenities as the Church family grew to 1600 people upon the completion of 10 years in the year 2006, the Sunday service was shifted to the larger hall on the 1st floor of the same facility. 

2006 – 2008

No one has ever stopped the church through persecution. Indeed, whenever the world persecutes the church, it just grows even more. In Acts 4:1-22, we acknowledge that some will resist the message, others will persecute the messenger, and still, others will embrace Jesus as Lord and Christ. We pray for boldness to witness in season and out of season. We resolve that persecution will not silence us. The church surrendered to the power of the Holy Spirit, who occupied our thoughts and words with Jesus.


The church was forced to move from this facility until April 24th, 2008, to start its own registered Charitable Trust under the Title of “New Bethel Assembly of God Church”. This was a fantastic move by faith and our growth was accelerated. 

2008 – 2018 continuing…

In September of 2008, a contract was signed for the purchase of the new land for our church. We experienced extreme difficulty in obtaining the approvals for the bank financing and the negotiations were very slow because many land developers wanted this same property. We prayed and prayed and prayed that God would continue to sustain us through this difficult period as HE had done in the past, our prayers were answered, and the financing from the Bank was released to purchase the land in spite of threats from the builders of the corporate world. God leads us by the hand every step of the way for the next 3 years and the deal with the landowners was closed on August, 2011 that made 59/6&7, 1st Main, Chiranjeevi Layout, Hebbal Kemapura, Bangalore 560024 the new home of the Victory International AG Worship Centre (formerly New Bethel AG Church). 


The Lord has graciously led us for over 21 years, and HE blessed us with numerous souls who have been won for Christ and baptized since 1996. At present, the church as one Big family is largest Kannada Congregation in Assemblies of GOD continuing its efforts with a Mission to reach more souls in the state of Karnataka and beyond. 


We rejoice in all that God has allowed us to do, under HIS divine leadership and our pastor, Rev. Dr. Ravi Mani and are thankful for the men and women who have led our Victory International AG Worship Centre to be an instrument which is called for HIS purpose “Romans 8:28”. 

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